Frequently Asked Questions.

We offer a free account called 'Lone Wolf' that allows access to 2 reviewers and the upload of 1 project. You can delete and upload new projects on the Lone Wolf account type. We also offer a 14 day free trial of HOWL.pro, exclusive to new users. After this time, your first payment will be charged and your selected payment plan will begin, unless cancelled prior to the end of the free trial. If you choose not to continue for any reason, your projects will be securely stored should you wish to start your paid subscription. In order to claim the free trial, you will need to create your account, select your package and enter your payment details. The 14 day free trial will not be available when upgrading your account type from the free Lone Wolf account.

Yes, you will need to enter your payment details when you register as an account owner. Your free trial will last for 14 days, after which time your card will be charged for the package you have selected and your selected payment plan will begin.

Yes, the Lone Wolf account is completely free. You do not need to enter any payment details to sign up, just your email address.

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