Frequently Asked Questions.

If you need help with any issues, you can raise a support ticket by visiting Menu>Account and then click on "Raise a Support Ticket". Here, please enter the title and description of your query and select the category that it best fits into. You will have the option of adding an attachment to help give more context to your issue, such as a screenshot. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your query and we will get back to you by email within 24 working hours. Support times are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm GMT.
HOWL is an online tool for reviewing eLearning modules and capturing feedback. It allows all creators, developers, designers, reviewers and stakeholders of eLearning modules to collaborate together and provide slide by slide feedback. Add milestones to projects and track all your versions in one place that is accessible anywhere and at all times to streamline your review process. Share your projects with reviewers and developers with the click of a button. See comments and completion at first glance of the HOWL dashboard. Feedback can even be exported to .CSV to keep for your records.
HOWL stands out from other review tools due to it's stylish design and easy to use User Interface. Feedback is linked directly to a slide within a module, rather than a screenshot, so stakeholders can locate tasks and comments more efficiently.
No. HOWL is for review purposes only and does not have the LMS reporting facilities available.
All data and files are stored on an SSL encrypted server in a secure, protected and monitored data centre.
We accept payment via Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express. If you'd like to be invoiced, you can go to Menu>Account and then click on 'Invoices' to view or download a .pdf of your desired bill.

If you'd like to be invoiced, you can go to Menu>Account and then click on 'Invoices' to view or download a .pdf of your desired bill.

In order to purchase a corporate license, please contact us at help@howl.pro and we'll be happy to provide more information!

To update your account, you can visit Menu>Account and click on 'Edit Account Details'. Here, you can amend your name, email address, password, address and VAT information. Click 'Save' to be sure you don't lose any changes you have made.

If you are an account owner and your subscription or free trial ends, your projects cannot be accessed by any stakeholders who may have access to them until you renew or subscribe.

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